2020 BFA Exhibition

The School of Art is proud to present the 2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition. The show takes place annually each spring semester to highlight the work of our studio and AVCE undergraduates.

Students were encouraged to submit a fully realized artist statement or design philosophy along with 6 works that display the professional skills developed throughout their course of study.

Our distinguished faculty juried each application and selected the art that highlights our students’ highest achievements from their degree pursuits. This year’s exhibition will include work selected from over 80 students in Illustration + Design, 2D, Photo, 3D Extended Media and our Art and Visual Culture Education students.

There are several ways to engage with the exhibition. You can look through the works in each of our curated galleries, which have been carefully selected by our curator and assistant curator to provide a more layered experience that aligns with what would occur in a physical space.

The works are also grouped into the programs students are pursuing for their degrees. Lastly, you can find the student in our artist list which will take you to their individual artist statement and a list of their works.

Some of the content on this site could be considered objectionable or offensive by some viewers. There are several works that are graphical depictions of violence, human anatomy, or regard sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

Curator: Brooke Grucella

Assistant Curator: Raven Moffett

Graphic Design: Woodlin Latocki

Art Direction: Karen Zimmermann

Web Development: Cynthia Barlow