Gallery 1



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  1. The material flows softly. Love the muted colors, it has a peaceful feel.

  2. I impressed with the way each artist’s work is grouped into a virtual gallery and presented with a clean background. I was worried viewing online would feel different from experiencing art in a real gallery. However, the ability to scroll through the art at my own pace – going forward and back or stay with one for longer made me feel as if I was alone in a gallery – viewing art piece by piece, room by room. The ability to see all the pieces together by form/format afterwards really made an impression about the overall exhibit. The artists and photographers, illustrators and designers at University of Arizona are clearly talented and thriving in Tucson! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Congratulations! It looks like all is well in “The Old Pueblo,” or at least from a distance. Hope your students, faculty, and staff are safe and thank you all for sharing your commitment to the Visual Arts. It’s always nice to see what other institutions are up to, and it’s even better when the faculty’s commitment to the next generation is evident.

  4. Enjoyed Emily’s book of succulents of AZ. The cover is subtle and beautiful. The work is exquisite and fun.