Stefany Schumack


The subject matter of my artwork has two main focuses: a reflection of self and visual storytelling. I create in order to reflect on and better understand my experiences, emotions, fears, and dreams. My art allows me to communicate to others in a visual sense what otherwise would be impossible for me to get across verbally. It also helps me understand aspects of myself and my life that are confusing and difficult to put into words. Some personal pieces are more literal, while other are more abstract or tackle larger, general themes within my life. I employ a wide variety of materials, my favorites being watercolor and acrylic paints. I base my choice of materials on which ones will help me most effectively convey the messages I want to get across. I enjoy telling stories within my pieces, as well. I am intrigued by what narratives my audiences piece together from my single images. In order to tell my stories, I use visual “Easter eggs,” or small details in the background that are not noticeable at first glance, to help create narratives in my images. These small details engage the viewer past the initial composition and style, and encourage them to read further into the image. I intend to use my love for visual storytelling as well as my artistic inspiration from my personal experiences in my future career as a book illustrator.

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