Paola R D’Gyves


I see my art as a direct reflection of my person. I use my weaknesses, my strengths, my experiences and my personal growth and its affects on my surroundings as inspiration. Hard times have taught me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and at the same time, life has also taught me to understand that I am only human and asking for help is an option that is always okay. These lessons I’ve learned on my own and with others when I have been both close to home and away from it. I’ve been pushed to my limits and at times I’ve pushed myself. Sometimes painful and sometimes interesting, I am always learning. Some lessons were learned at a very young age and others are still in the process and as I get older I start to understand more and more that I have a role to play in society. I am now an example, a potential role model to a new generation—a generation that I plan to take care of. One that will love what makes them unique at a very young age instead of waiting 20+ years to feel comfortable in their own skin. This new generation will understand, embrace and absorb their culture no matter the circumstance, and will teach me more about life than I could ever teach them.

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