Nate Shipp


As a graphic designer, my design philosophy is to challenge the rules behind graphical systems and create works of art that reflect a post-modernist nature. As a fan of punk and metal, the post-modernist designs that emerged out of the 70’s and 80’s deeply inspired me to create works of art that were consciously breaking graphical rules. I find postmodernism to be far more interesting compared to modernism, and utilize its raw and powerful aesthetic. The raw power of postmodernist design resonated with me a lot, because it feels synonymous with energy experienced in a punk or metal song. Because of this, much of my work pulls heavy influence from the postmodernist era and I’m constantly obsessing over works done by David Carson, Grapus and many other artists.

In my work, I use a variety of mediums such as collage (analog/digital), illustration and digital media. I rely on play and experimentation in my work, often deliberately bending common practices or rules in my creative process. Although some of the topics of my work can be difficult or heavy, the intention of my work is to give my viewers a sense of joy, reflective of the fun I center in my creative practice.

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