Monica Elisabeth Lane

Art and Visual Culture Education

The unknown in the world consumes us—relentless thoughts circulate about the future, causing us to twirl into a physical realm of anxiety. My artwork explores such uncertainties and creates stories based on the true (but personified and also exaggerated) nature of objects, people, places, and things. I explore existential ideas that allow me to detach from the dissonance of society and explore the concepts of otherworldly theories. Art is ultimately a coping mechanism, but my self-therapeutic practice contributes to enticing installations that involve original narration, video projection, natural elements, and resin. My process is exhilarating, promoting a sense of self-awareness and connectivity to the environment. The relationship we have with our immediate environment is what is valuable to our existence. Art gives me a sense of physical and psychological freedom otherwise restricted, and, in turn, becomes a tool in expressing this value, illustrating ideas that are unfathomable, and focusing on perceptions that create autonomy from the repression and confusion caused by societal demands.