Liuyun Liang

Photography | Video | Imaging

My process of creating art is both self-expression, and also a spiritual manifestation of the interaction between my inner world and the outside world I navigate. Human nature’s ugliness is the source of my art creation. Throughout history, human desire has created an enormous web that entwines and fetters human beings. To satisfy their needs, humans have never stopped trying to acquire wealth, frame, and social status, which leads to a lack of empathy and faulty sense of social responsibility. Gradually, these desires have come to control human mental evolution in a controversial way, transforming our society towards an impersonal and unhealthy direction.

I see myself as a “spectator” or a “witness” who is hiding in a quiet corner of the world, observing the darkness of human nature in modern society. By collecting inspiring information from fairy tales, folk tales, life experience and news online, my work draws audiences’ attentions and concerns toward different issues in our modern society, such as environmental pollution, insincere social contact, excessive addiction to technology, and the close relationship between life and death. I use photography as a language, framing my work as a critically historical volume that documents and authentically narrates how humans behave, evolve and interact with others in modern society.

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