Julian Tran


Through my artworks, I explore visual storytelling in a stylized and linear style. Upon entering the realm of illustration, anime and manga fascinated me, and I was inspired to draw characters with pen and ink. Because of that, most of my works gravitate towards a stylized representation black and white figures. While sometimes I use digital colors in my work, I feel intentional use of black (traditional or digital) can be just as capable in painting at conveying powerful messages and imaginative worlds. When I do incorporate digital colors, I do so not only to represent an exploration of myself as an artist but also, to push the personal message(s) in my pieces. I also utilize specific stylizations of reality to convey more imaginative expressions and designs. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and Japanese culture, my artworks tell different stories of a stylized character often accompanied by a side character or grounded in a setting. My works also explore my personal feelings or emotions through the deliberate use of color as a tool to push the visual narrative. Illustration is a profound medium that not only actualizes my imagination but also conveys emotions that resonate with my viewers.