Haozheng(David) Wang

Photography | Video | Imaging

This series of flowers was created to commemorate my grandpa, who has been dead for seven years. My grandpa separated from my grandma before his death and lived in a humble house which had a greenhouse with a lot of flowers. His only friends were the flowers that accompanied him and continue to remain. After his death, all his flowers were brought to his funeral and piled around his body. At that time, I didn’t understand what kind of impact his death would bring. Those flowers withered quickly after being picked, and I believed my grandfather would likewise leave my life.

I was reminded of my grandfather and inspired to create this work when I learned how to use a spotlight. I found that the light of the spotlight is rounded and soft enough to accommodate a sequence of flowers after being covered with a white cloth. My process for this work involved placing the flowers I needed to photograph on the white cloth and then illuminating the white cloth with a spotlight. The transmitted light illuminated the details of those flowers. These whit circle of light surrounding the flowers symbolize the bright future or the way to heaven. Flowers are often grown for the sake of being ornamental, but have different meanings on different occasions. They appear at funerals, weddings, and celebrations. They are like messengers of God, simultaneously watching and present at the saddest and happiest stories of human life. At the end of their missions, they wither. In creating this image, I saw circles filled with bright white which allowed me to realized the meaning of my grandpa’s life.

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