Hannah Smith


Working in an array of mediums including digital animation, ceramic, acrylic paint, and ink, I aim to connect and draw similarities between scientific, artistic, and humanistic processes and concepts. With a heavy interest in pattern recognition and object classification, I examine patterns in both physical and metaphysical areas including patterns in language and word association, biological patterns such as lifecycles, spatial or geological patterns as records of time, and philosophical patterns or repetition of policies throughout history. This multi-disciplinary approach to observing interactions forms connections between seemingly disconnected aspects of our world with the scrutiny of replicable scientific methods alongside a self-awareness and intention regarding the biases and spins that become imbued into data during gathering, analysis, and visualization. The purpose of my work is to keep a record of my own examinations and expressions of the world, especially regarding issues of industrialization, climate change, ethical dilemmas stemming from information technology such as privacy concerns and transhumanism (in the form of artificial intelligence and genetic sequencing), and the changes to interpersonal interaction and connection (arising from new information technologies and capitalist influence). In my work, contemplations on uncertainty and subjectivity work alongside lightness and humor in a reflection of the frightening, beautiful, and often contradictory nature of existing in this world.

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