Erika Tenorio


Culture, heritage, identity, and representation are broad topics I include in my simple illustrations of cultural moments in Nicaragua including dances, recent historical events, and images confronting my identity as a Nicaraguan individual. I am inspired by my personal experiences growing up and understanding my Nicaraguan culture from my paternal side, as well as having the bittersweet opportunity to visit the motherland and meet my family for the first time. Because of these experiences, I embraced my culture more whole heartedly. As a Nicaraguan born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I realized growing up that there are very few Nicaraguans, let alone, Central Americans residing in this city which is dominated by a Mexican population. My work has grown out of a recognition of this lack of representation, wherein the subject of my work is to represent Nicaragua with these colorful artworks to lure in the viewers to peer into the fun and aesthetically pleasing moments of my culture. My works use a colorful and bold palette of appealing and simple figures to show the heritage that I carry within me and roots me, as it continually shapes my identity as a young Nicaraguan individual living in the states.

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