Chrysanthe Kapuranis


Earth is peripherally located on the Local Arm of our Milky Way galaxy. A physical place beyond Earth is the Moon, a satellite of our planet. Through space and time and human interconnectedness with our planet as place has influenced the way we create our legacy with storytelling, tradition, culture, spirituality, art, and everyday work in life.

Growing up with immigrant Greek parents coming to America on a boat through Ellis Island, it is important for me to preserve their roots and heritage. My first exposure to the arts was Greek pottery, sculpture, mythology, embroidery, byzantine icons, music, and folk dance in my home. In my work, I also recall my memories of visits to my grandparents’ village in Greece including their stories, farm life, and objects that became meaningful to me.

I have always been fascinated by pottery designs, the utilitarian function of a vessel, and mythological stories. The vessels of clay made of the very substance of our planet (earth, water, fire and air) throughout time have been like a vast book telling humanity’s story.

I reference narrative objects in my drawings in order to tell my story through my art.


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