Brady Fellows


Monumentum IV, XI, XII

These images are taken from my ongoing Monumentum series. Each depicts an encounter with a feature of an increasingly unfamiliar landscape. While working on this project I became fascinated by narrative structure. I researched the ideas of Joseph Campbell, the Hero’s Journey, and the basic story arcs that seem to be nearly universal. In doing so, I discovered that all of my own favorite stories are circular journeys. They end where they begin, but everything has changed.

Fleshly 1 – 3

The Fleshly series is an embrace of everything organic and abstract, a way to flee the stiffness that has plagued my work in the past. The forms in these three drawings come from a tension between a longstanding love of close observation and a recent but growing desire to abstract. The original concept for each was to create a form that was “75% non-human”— something very bodily but unrecognizable. I enjoy playing in the space between abstract and recognizable, which results in the tendency for viewers to assign labels to parts of these drawings, or to say that they look like this or that animal.

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