Aurora Ambrose


Artist Statement:

Growing up as an Asian American in Tucson, Arizona, I was exposed to many cultures which pushed me to constantly explore what life had to offer me. I always dreamed of being an illustrator, and, when I found my knack for design, my outlook on the world around me immediately changed.  I combine my two skills to create clean designs that possess elements from both my illustrative and design sides as well as elements from the many cultures that have shaped me. I have the mindset of living in the moment so my work tends to follow what I am currently engrossed in at the time of creation. This allows me to portray a variety of topics such as the struggles I actively see around me, topics that I see largely talked about online, along with small experiences that I enjoy.

Design Philosophy:

As life goes on, one’s memories of things become vague, but the general ideas of them still remain clear. I draft me designs so that they do not depend on extreme detail. Using minimalism in this way allows for the viewers to access and digest my work while also maintaining a consistent aesthetic. Minimalism focuses viewers on the core of its subject. Design is never just about what is being shown, but about the ideas that go into it and the statement it creates.

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