Ariana Villegas


My artwork expresses a message to my audience while also capturing beauty. My inspiration comes from the hidden stories, secrets and different experiences of people around me and myself. I am also inspired by the simple movement and flow of the human figure or any object. The subject of my work does not always have an obvious meaning or a clear context because I want the viewer to create their own context. I use my work to express myself along with representing and capturing characteristics of minority groups in a way that the media would not normally portray, focusing especially my own culture. My artwork revolves around portraiture, both abstract realistic. The messages in my artwork drastically influence the composition, style, and media I use. Throughout my work, I manipulate space by integrating a small area of the background with the main subject. It is important for me to know the story behind the models I depict because it allows me to create a background that shows the audience a part of the model’s personality and story.

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