BFA Exhibition 2021

Vanessa Saavedra

2021 Gallery 2 | 2D

It is difficult for me to understand how we have normalized blaming victims of rape and femicide in Mexico. We hear our family joke about it, our acquaintances, and countless strangers leaving their misogynistic comments on social media.
 Instead of feeling empathy, there is always someone who asks carelessly, “…and where was she?” What I wonder is: Would that change the situation? They rape girls in their own homes and while leaving school. But what was she wearing? It doesn’t matter either. They rape girls wearing their uniforms, pajamas, nuns, elderly gentlemen, and even dogs. Countless times we have been shown that femicides have no limits. Why do we ask these questions then?
 We do not grow as a society because we treat sexists as beings unable to control themselves. We do not grow as a society because instead of uniting as a country, we divide ourselves over moral issues. Living is the most basic human right, and they treat us as if it was a privilege.

There is an average of ten women who are victims of femicide per day in Mexico. One day it could be me, and I don’t want to be blamed: because I want to live. I have dreams and goals like all those that are no longer with us. We forget that more than “loose girls,” they are beloved daughters; they are sisters, friends, girlfriends, granddaughters, and human beings. It’s easy to see everything from a third plane. Still, hopefully, it never happens to you or anyone you love because NO ONE deserves it.

I am hopeful that one day Mexico will be a country where we will have the same rights and opportunities regardless of our gender. I am optimistic that Mexico will continue to grow as a society, and I am glad to see changes and more open eyes. We need a free Mexico. An empathetic Mexico. A fair Mexico. All this will be achieved when we start to blame the oppressor and not the victim. 
My work challenges the viewer’s morality by juxtaposing disinterested stereotypes about femicide and the lost life of a violated woman. The size of the pieces is intentionally overwhelming. This series intends to speak about reality without going unnoticed: like a desperate cry for help.

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