BFA Exhibition 2021

Tia Stephens

2021 Gallery 3 | Photography | Video | Imaging

This past semester I felt myself slipping away. In an attempt to reconnect myself, my body, and the life I live in it, I threw myself into a documentary photo series that captured the moments of oddness in my day-to-day that brought me back to reality. The following statement describes this ongoing series which I have titled: Back to Reality.

In this world ruled by chaos, I have found it increasingly hard to stay tethered to reality. I am often overwhelmed by the feeling that I’m living in a movie or a dream. Life is nearly unrecognizable. I find myself feeling most grounded in reality in the moments of strangeness when I escape into scenes that walk the line between fact and fiction. Back to reality explores these moments of refuge through a lens of escapism as I embrace the bizarre to bring myself out of a dissociative state. Through a combination of portraiture and still life, Back to Reality freezes time and space to capture a portrait of the life and person that I am trying to get back to.

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