BFA Exhibition 2021

Tai Huesgen


My work currently explores my relationships with others, with myself, with the past and the present. I make work using an anthropomorphized visual vocabulary built around growing up in Tucson and the Sonoran Desert; this symbology includes deer and elk, coyotes, javelina, rabbits, and house cats. I work primarily using printmaking media due to the process-heavy experience of making a printed artwork, for the variety of layered treatments a print can undergo, and because of the slight unpredictability of the final product; for the same reasons, I have also utilized collage as a medium for my artworks.  

I have been using the imagery of cat-people, rabbit-people, coyote-people, and other anthropomorphized figures to represent various states of being and self, including others’ selves. In this body of work, the ecological relationships between rabbits and domesticated cats as prey animals, and the coyote as both predator and prey, seeks to uncover and understand the relationships one has with the current self, past selves (such as those of one’s childhood), and others, including the past selves of the other. The interactions between these entities often revolve around the consumption of each: literal acts of consumption as well as the digestion of pieces of those one interacts with, and the act of obsession with others. I abstract often inaccessible versions of myself and others in the process of anthropomorphizing animal symbols and the people they represent.

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