BFA Exhibition 2021

Stefany Schumack

2021 Gallery 5 | Illustration+Design

As an illustrator, I love to tell stories, especially ones that can engage the audience and draw the viewer. My favorite part about creating a piece is when all the illustration elements like the story, the figure, the foreground, background, color pallet, etc. come together and express a message, an experience, or a feeling. I encourage the audience’s engagement by scattering small details throughout each piece, rewarding a curious viewer with extra narrative. Thinking of this interaction between viewer and artist brings me great joy, a joy that I feel translates into my work. Humor is something I often express in my images. Having silly or goofy elements to my pieces makes them more approachable. Hopefully, it brings a little bit of amusement to my audience. That being said, I also enjoy tackling all kinds of emotions and tones.

Most of my pieces center on the female figure, representing myself and my own female experience, and exploring themes of the supernatural. I love taking creatures and ideas traditionally frightening or dark and expressing them with cutesy lenses. This comes from my fascination with ghosts and monsters that I’ve had ever since I was a child. Though I was afraid of the supernatural, I still sought it out, as I believed I could find an aspect of relatability or sympathy in these ghosts and monsters. This ideology translates to my work as I approach all subjects with empathy and with the idea of relatability in mind. I mostly work digitally, as I love the freedom I have with it and the large array of different brushes, tools, and colors that it presents me. I feel like the endless amount of possibilities provided through digital art lets me be as creative as I would like and inspires me to reach for the stars. No matter what prompt or subject matter I’m given to draw, I’m always excited to illustrate because I simply love to create.

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