BFA Exhibition 2021

Samuel Alexander

2021 Gallery 2 | Photography | Video | Imaging

To be depersonalized, as I find myself regularly, means to feel disconnected from reality in a way that blurs the line between what it means to dream and to be awake. I experience the slew of emotions and feelings that characterize us as humans. Still, they are always felt through a numb disconnection from reality. This applies to nearly every aspect of my existence aside from one potent feeling; Nostalgia. This raw emotion feels like a pure connection to something I know and recognize even though it passes as soon as it is felt. This brief high is like a path to the only person I truly know where the world is familiar and grounded in something. This sense of foundation leads many of my personal choices being influenced in regards to how it may trigger nostalgia to a point where I act in a way society deems childish to create a singular moment of clarity and grounding for my own sanity. These images capture a vulnerability of myself longing and acting upon an emotion that is barely attainable. It lasts for a mere instant, yet it supplies meaning and a sense of being that forms the foundation for me to live a life of purpose.

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