BFA Exhibition 2021

Samantha (Sam) Potter

2021 Gallery 3 | Photography | Video | Imaging

I photograph people to make portraits that tell a story or send a message. I am also compelled to be an advocate for the equality of all people. My personal history of mental illness has made me aware of the injustices that various groups face. These groups can be defined by gender, race, sexuality, social status, mental or physical traits. I have been inspired by my own experiences, as well as witnessing the trauma that others suffer who are unable to just be themselves. Every person deserves to live without fear of judgment or persecution.

Through my photography, I hope to impact society’s outdated ideologies that require people to fit into predetermined roles. Roles that dictate how we will behave and what will be acceptable. My projected commentary mimics the way society projects ideas onto all of us. We try hard to conform to live up to all the expectations. Eventually, do we even recognize ourselves outside of those societal reflections? Or is our true self forever lost?

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