BFA Exhibition 2021

Rachel Best

2021 Gallery 1 | 3D & Extended Media

I am fascinated with landscapes, particularly the shape of rolling areas cut out by water and wind over thousands of years. The natural erosion process’s visual effect can resemble other organic elements such as the human figure and bone structure. This visual connection ties humans to natural landscape design. Using this inspiration, I constructed three sculptures that convey these types of shapes.

Living in Arizona, I am constantly surrounded by the view of distant mountains that have been formed in a violent nature. After billions of years, these mountains will inevitably continue to slowly erode and fade away. They will remain, disintegrating, for billions of years to come. In geological terms, to be ‘Worn Away’ means the deterioration of Earth’s upper crust caused by weather, like wind and rain. This type of “”wearing away”” is called erosion, which looks different depending on the type of material. I am inherently interested in these different types of aesthetic erosion effects.

Throughout the natural world, there are subtle tendencies that tie and connect across the universe. It is through exploration of these similar patterns found in nature’s design that I enjoy creating.

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