BFA Exhibition 2021

Natalie Mills

2021 Gallery 1 | Photography | Video | Imaging

Agriculture is an integral function of life that has sustained humankind for over 12,000 years. However, as the world’s population rises, so does the need for food supply. This puts pressure on the agricultural industry to mass-produce food products to feed the world’s masses. Unfortunately, the pressure to mass-produce has led to unsustainable agricultural practices which have severely damaged our environment. Agriculture has become one of the main contributors to climate change, emitting 6,457 metric tons of CO2 in 2017 alone. In recent years, environmental activists have pushed for agriculture regulations that support sustainable practices. So, what does sustainable agriculture entail? In this collection of photos, I discuss the agriculture industry and what it takes to be “sustainable” through a documentary lens. I visited local farmer’s markets, farms, and agricultural research facilities to capture the essence of sustainability. Sustainable agriculture is local farmers and businesses, ethically raised livestock, and handpicked vine-ripened tomatoes.

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