BFA Exhibition 2021

Josh Anthony

Photography | Video | Imaging

Looking Mirror is a self-portraiture project that explores the internal and external perceptions of how I view myself and how I believe others perceive me to be. I have always been perplexed with my image and how I’ve appeared to others since I was a child. I can recount early memories of looking in a mirror and questioning if the person I see before me is me. I still find myself asking the same question and wonder if the identity of who I am perceived to be has obscured my sense of self, creating an internal conflict of identity authenticity. This phenomenon leaves me captivated with who I’ve become and who I can become through passed judgment and perceptions. Because of this destructive process of self-awareness and representation, I feel as though this phenomenon has conditioned me to see myself as an illusion, a distorted apparatus, an individual who is flawed and fragmented. In my images, I submerse myself in liminal spaces where I confront and negotiate with myself who I am presenting and if this presentation of self is a true representation of who I am.

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