BFA Exhibition 2021

Jessica Baker

2021 Gallery 4 | Illustration+Design

My work is primarily driven by my love of gardening and nature in general. The beauty and mystery that nature possesses have given me endless joy. Going outside and appreciating its beauty can help calm me and give me mental clarity. During the modern age, humans have become incredibly detached from nature. By including it in my designs, I feel that I have made it a more significant part of my life, even if at times, I am only seeing pieces of it on a screen. Incorporating nature elements in my designs has also helped me appreciate different aspects of nature, such as its strength and perseverance and its delicacy and vulnerability. I like to incorporate physical elements such as collages or scanned elements such as paper textures or objects in a lot of my work. Working digitally can sometimes be stressful and draining, so adding these elements can help break up my time sitting in front of a screen. It helps me feel I am working in the natural/physical world rather than just the digital one.

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