BFA Exhibition 2021

Izzy Esparza

2021 Gallery 5 | Photography | Video | Imaging


Growing up, relationships have been a complex situation to tackle, noticing how many people live for the relationships that they have created. As a child, I was exposed to domestic violence, and when I turned the age of 12, right before my teenage years, a massive change in my life happened.
The work I have guided you through this journey starts with me letting you into my life and taking you through the journey.
I start with my birthday, where everything happened the next step in my story is the photos of me waiting on someone to come join me at the dinner table because growing up, dinner time was always a big part of daily life. When they left, the dinners stopped.
Next, you can see a photo of me waiting for them to come in, which they never did. If you notice, the bottom of my foot is covered in dirt, representing my younger need to run away from life and problems.
Life is one that many people forget to take seriously and to worship the relationships that they do have until it is too late, and everyone you ever thought you had is gone, and you are left with nothing but your thoughts and emotions.
It’s the eye contact that I want people to understand deeply– this can be you at any moment. Everything you thought you were can change with one simple phone call, and with it, everything you thought you were is gone.”

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