BFA Exhibition 2021

Chrysanthe Kapuranis

2021 Gallery 4 | 2D


I question what connects us to a particular place. The spirit of place creates the ingredients of community and belonging. Viewing an aerial image on Google earth, we are blind to the details of man’s life and history down on earth. In the topography, we see shadows and elevations of mountains, lakes, hills, and desert. In contrast, as we zoom in further and further, we go on a more profound journey. Our eyes are opened to life, nature, and details of the built environment– man’s impressive handiwork.

These drawings are brief extracts of what makes Tucson unique and special and answer why I connect here. Tucson, My Home, inspires me to grow and learn, observe the moon, planets, and stars, and explore places while respecting spiritual and human creation gifts.

Through memories growing up with vintage phones, accordions, and pottery, my Greek culture also plays a big part in how I find my place through conversation with a diversity of people and experiences. Hello? … let’s catch up with a coffee and a walk.

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