BFA Exhibition 2021

Bella Leonard


I am attempting to figure out how I exist in my own head. I use art as a way to study how my own dreams and self-talk influence the way that I view and interpret the world around me. And while my work is often a case study of myself, I believe that it also gives insight into how people as a whole deal with the mundane, with change, with fear. I often look to my subconscious thoughts, be it dreams or impulses, in an attempt to understand my own identity. I often use recognizable visuals – such as appropriated imagery or text – in an attempt to better relate to the rest of the world, as I have trouble doing so on my own. I don’t have a good sense of my personal identity or what my purpose is in the world, but I feel better equipped to deal with these fears when I am able to express them to others. It is this ideology that I hope comes across in my work. I don’t know what my art says about me as a person; all I know is that it is mine.

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