BFA Exhibition 2021

Bella Cardenas

2021 Gallery 5 | 2D

My artwork’s inspiration comes from my nostalgia, love, and the connections I have with myself and my loved ones. Taking notice of what I surround myself with and how it has shaped who I am and using artwork to explore my experiences. I want viewers to relate to my experiences using visual culture as a way of connecting my own memory with theirs. Using characters, toys, computer interfaces, and social media as a reference to my own personal nostalgia. Nostalgia has become a bigger theme for my art because it is a form of escapism from the stress and uncertainty that I’ve felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. I want my work to be comforting for others to view in the hopes that they can relate to my own personal experiences.

Digital culture is an essential theme in my life as I grew up on the internet and is part of my every day. My digital self is an extension and reflection of my real-life self. In my art, I often try to bridge together the two realities using traditional media to give physicality to what is only viewed within the digital space. I explore my personal experiences and have that represented by the digital realm’s visual culture in other works.

My artwork connects me to my experiences and personal nostalgia while using the digital realm’s visual culture within or represented in my work. Part of the process for creating my artworks also includes using software or technology.

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