BFA Exhibition 2021

Ashelza DiAnna

2021 Gallery 4 | Illustration+Design

My own style and art are things I have struggled to put a name to or define over the years. In the past, instructors and teachers have told me, “this is how art is done; any way else is essentially trash.” This resulted in my art struggling to make a purchase. I had to have a classical painter’s mindset and nothing else to make “Good Art.” I have grown and found what I believe to be my own voice in my current works.

In my current work, I consider a mix of classical and cartoony styles, a combination of past forced learning, and the style I find clarity in. I try to tie in real and unreal, exaggerated and unexaggerated, to make a piece that can catch the viewer’s eye. I mainly focus on portrait work as well, occasionally breaking out into the full figure.

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